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We have provided exceptional janitorial and cleaning services for a variety of corporate and residential clients.  Below is some of the feedback we have received that attests to our superior service.  If you are interested in cleaning services in the Baltimore area and would like additional feedback from our many satisfied clients, please contact us for more information.

“SC&H has worked with Kay Lee of KL Commercial Cleaning (“KLCC”) for several years, and we are beyond pleased with our experience. KLCC provides daily cleaning services of our offices, conference rooms, kitchen, and common areas. They are friendly, professional, and provide quality service at a reasonable rate."

Ron Causey

SC&H Group


“I have had the pleasure of working with Kay Lee from KLCC, for about five years. Kay was our cleaning person for the building when we moved in and I can’t say enough great things about her. Kay always went above and beyond the scope of the job and made sure everything was impeccably clean. The one thing I love about Kay is her communication skills. She always touched base with me to ask if something needed to be done and how we wanted it done.”

Patricia Lewis

Fila USA, Inc.

"Kay & her team do a fantastic job keeping our offices in order. In addition to everything you would expect from a cleaning crew, Kay goes above & beyond to make sure our office looks top notch. She treats it as if it were her home & really tries to take care of our furniture, carpets, etc. to ensure the longest life. Kay will often point out something we may have not noticed...and then come up with a solution to fix the issue & prevent it from happening in the future. She & her team are always very professional, courteous & trustworthy."

Michelle S.

Altus Group

"I love love love having Kay clean my house!  She is thorough, points out things I can do to fix problems, and has a friendly team to assist her.  I had known Kay as the head of the cleaning crew at my office for almost 10 years.  The work I saw at my office made me want to reach out to her personally & I am so glad I did.  She is trustworthy, reliable & affordable.  She is a terrific person and does a wonderful job cleaning my house!"

The Stutz Family

"Kay and her team have gone above and beyond to keep my home impeccably clean. Kay is very detail-oriented, and does not miss a crevice or corner.  She cleans items and surfaces in my home I never even thought to clean. She will not stop until a job is thoroughly finished. I highly recommend her."

The Willis Family

"KLCC has been our cleaning partner at US Lacrosse since we moved in to our new headquarters in May 2016. Kay Lee is wonderful to work with and her crew does an outstanding job. She is very hands on and always on site to be sure everything gets done professionally and efficiently. Kay always goes out of her way to be sure that every space in the building is clean and presentable at all times. Another impressive feature is her flexibility and availability to work when we have meetings and field events at night and on the weekends. Kay's  responsiveness to special requests, both small and large, is swift and punctual. Always the last one out, she is trusted with the critical task of securing our building every night. Our staff loves Kay and we are very fortunate to have her as an essential member of our entire team."

Jody Martin, Facilities Manager

US Lacrosse

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